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Belvedere Colors


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Awesome Québec: La Fête de la Nouvelle-France

After living several years in Paris, I was in the believe that the opinion that the French had about Quebec was exaggerated. I thought that their pride that a part of Canada continues to maintain the French language and culture … Continue reading

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Same-gender marriage: a good defense

In December 2009, Diane J. Savino, Senator District 23 in the State of New York made a brilliant speech in defense of same-gender marriage. Unfortunately, the law was not approved. But it is really a pleasure listening to the Senator because his speech … Continue reading

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Wampanoag: People of the First Light

Wampanoag means “People of the Lands of the East” or “People of the first light.” The Wampanoag are part of the land, and the land part of them for more than 12,000 years. They are one of several indigenous peoples and nations … Continue reading

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The emotional blink

My husband was reading a book on sales techniques, “Question Based Selling” by Thomas Freese, where he found a reference to an emotional reflex unique to humans. In the book the author stresses the importance for marketers to understand and avoid … Continue reading

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We left Kyoto and after making the train route, through small valleys and take a cable car in the final stretch, we reached a small plateau at the top of Mount Koya where the center of esoteric Buddhism is placed. This … Continue reading

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Summer Solstice in the Wachau Valley

Wachau Valley is in Lower Austria, about 100 km from Vienna, along the left bank of the Danube from Melk to Krems. UNESCO’s Heritage Site, we can find in Wachau many small towns with a clear vocation for wine, mostly white. Some weekends a year they … Continue reading

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